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[10:03]	<b_osi_>	some meeting?
[10:04]	<bettina-h>	in principle yes. I just have two points. And you?
[10:04]	<b_osi_>	3 pints, bh go ahead and start
[10:04]	<bettina-h>	Well the first one: A coleague pointed out that,
[10:05]	<bettina-h>	he uploaded an extension...
[10:05]	<bettina-h>	and did not publish it.
[10:05]	<bettina-h>	Now...
[10:06]	<bettina-h>	He has the link pointing to the extension, and thought, hey I might send this to some others (not the publicity). And that does not work until now.
[10:07]	<bettina-h>	Think about reviewing an extension, so that some certainpeople you know can have a look on it.
[10:07]	<bettina-h>	That makes sense to enable that use case.
[10:08]	<bettina-h>	The second point: When one submits an extension
[10:08]	<bettina-h>	for several platforms, one needs to fill the form out several times.
[10:09]	<b_osi_>	I do not think it is worth teh efford; the extension contains just some text, that can be spoken of in some mails before publishing. the other point could be to share an 'team' account for this and to publish the extension under
[10:09]	<bettina-h>	It is helpful to have a multiple choice here.
[10:09]	<bettina-h>	That's it from my site.
[10:10]	<bettina-h>	Are you still alive? :)
[10:11]	<b_osi_>	There is special handling for an extension that has binaries for each platform, please go to http://wiki.services.openoffice.org/wiki/Extensions/website/submission#Operating_System_dependant_extension_binaries
[10:11]	<bettina-h>	Maybe a kind of sharing account could be used.
[10:12]	<b_osi_>	bh: please se my posting here from 10:09 while you jumped to the next point without discussion.
[10:13]	<bettina-h>	Ok, I see. And I remember that point, as it came up discussing about several platforms.
[10:13]	<bettina-h>	Yes, i the meanwhile I've read it. Ok.
[10:14]	<bettina-h>	Anything from your side?
[10:14]	<b_osi_>	templates: virus scanner is active, some test mails are send to abuse mailing list from that.
[10:15]	<b_osi_>	deleting works now in the security way
[10:15]	<bettina-h>	That is good.
[10:15]	<b_osi_>	main page layout should be in the specified way;
[10:15]	<b_osi_>	bh: could you send me the TEXT for marketing, that would make it easier instead of typing it from an image
[10:17]	<b_osi_>	that it
[10:17]	<bettina-h>	Yes I can. I just opened the template site, some adjustment is needed (lines text).
[10:17]	<bettina-h>	da sind Abstände nicht ganz bündig.
[10:17]	<b_osi_>	which?
[10:20]	<bettina-h>	I'll send you the screenshot with comments; that will be easier then describing it in words. Ok. Anytging else?
[10:21]	<b_osi_>	no. finished, see you, bye
[10:21]	<bettina-h>	bye
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