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(10:03:27) bettina-h: Hi
(10:03:37) lgodard: hi
(10:03:56) lgodard: i'm here but at a client, can just read and answer really quickly
(10:04:23) mdamboldt: Ok, so it's just us three. Thorsten is on vacation
(10:04:34) bettina-h: Yes.
(10:04:48) mdamboldt: My AI: 2008_04_10_1: Ask Stella about putting the new branding from www.openoffice.org onto the extension site; Most important would be the banner on top.
(10:05:21) mdamboldt: Well Stella handed over the images required to Thorsten. When he's back from vacation he will continue to work on it.
(10:05:38) mdamboldt: lgodard: Any update on " 2008_04_10_2:  What process to translate an extension itself"?
(10:06:04) lgodard: no, but juergen sent a mail recently
(10:06:13) lgodard: on the dev@api mailing list
(10:06:22) lgodard: that focuses on some api taht may be userd
(10:06:24) lgodard: used
(10:06:40) mdamboldt: Ok, thanks.
(10:06:40) mdamboldt: The rest of the AI's I don't know anything about and Thorsten is not available today.
(10:06:49) mdamboldt: Round Table:
(10:07:18) bettina-h: I have nothing today.
(10:08:29) mdamboldt: There has been done some work on http://templates.services.openoffice.org just before Thorsten went on vacation. You can already see the new design.
(10:08:29) mdamboldt: This is going to be continued when he is back from vacation.
(10:09:06) bettina-h: Yes, I already saw it.
(10:09:18) mdamboldt: Ok, seems thats all for today.
(10:09:42) mdamboldt: bye
(10:09:48) bettina-h: bye.
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