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(10:07:34) _Nesshof_: is there an agenda for the meeting ?
(10:08:41) stx12: http://wiki.services.openoffice.org/wiki/Extensions/website/Minutes/2008-06
(10:09:08) stx12: AIs and then Round Table; but I think Bettina had a special topic for today...
(10:11:36) stx12: does anybody have an update on lgodard's AI wrt extension translation?
(10:12:38) stx12: SunNF explains that _Nesshof_ is in discussion with Release Engineering about the relase process.
(10:12:57) stx12: I guess _Nesshof_ will update us in a later meeting.
(10:13:03) lgodard: stx12: hi, soirry for the delay
(10:13:36) lgodard: stx12: no update, sorry. probably at the end of the month
(10:14:35) stx12: lgodard: thx
(10:15:33) SunNF: we are currently taking a look on http://wiki.services.openoffice.org/wiki/Templates_online_features and the mokup Bettina proposed
(10:18:05) SunNF: Regarding registration, Bettina proposed that people should register when finally submitting the Templates after adding the corresponding data, not before.
(10:19:23) SunNF: Question is how new cathegories and sub cathegories make it into such repository.
(10:19:52) SunNF: Also in question: Do we need views and download numbers within the UI?
(10:21:08) lgodard: i think the layout should be as identical as possible than the extensions website
(10:21:35) lgodard: templates are nothing more than non-programatic extensions
(10:22:46) SunNF: Yes. The difference is, that more people will be able to provide templates. Means: the upload should be as easy as possible.
(10:24:35) lgodard: as easy as extensions. extensions are also done by poor macro coders that even do not know what cvs is
(10:25:56) SunNF: but templates have less risk in it, no update feed, ... so there is definatly less information to provide.
(10:26:21) SunNF: What about cathegories vs. tags? Do we need both?
(10:30:49) SunNF: Regarding search, we should evaluate some means to create a Index based on the content of the templates, beside having meaningfull meta data at hand.
(10:32:53) lgodard: SunNF: what about templates with macro helper in it ?
(10:33:46) stx12: hm, i don't get the question...
(10:35:01) stx12: lgodard: what point would you like to make with "macro helper"?
(10:35:07) lgodard: stx12: : "but templates have less risk in it" --> this is wrong. i do not agree the differentiation, at least for end-user pov
(10:35:59) lgodard: stx12: some kind of wizards inside a template. We will often find this use case. is it a template ? is it an extension ?
(10:37:55) stx12: i think the difference is defined by the file format
(11:07:53) SunNF: Sorry, this meeting is somehow unstructured. We (Sun) have to stop here because we have another meeting right now. I try to write down what we discussed within the room and we will be able to follow up on this on IRC within next meeting- then on IRC again.
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