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(10:00:07) mdamboldt: Hello everybody, welcome to todays meeting. Seems not everybody is already here, so I will wait one to two minutes for people to join.
(10:00:46) bettina-h: Hi.
(10:02:53) mdamboldt: Ok, lets start our meeting...
(10:02:53) mdamboldt: First AI is for b_osi_:  2_2007-10-04: Provide infrastructure for localization of static content
(10:03:11) b_osi_: still stalled.
(10:03:45) mdamboldt: b_osi_: Some more details I can put into the minutes?
(10:04:37) b_osi_: I dont think so, I'm going to get translations for other languages.
(10:05:26) mdamboldt: Next AI is:
(10:05:26) mdamboldt: 1_2008_02_28: Provide a draft regarding enhancement of the extension site to provide also single templates and cliparts.
(10:05:26) mdamboldt: bettina-h: I already saw that you circulated a draft at website@extensions.openoffice.org and you put that also into the Wiki at http://wiki.services.openoffice.org/wiki/Templates_online_features
(10:05:26) mdamboldt: So think the AI is done, right?
(10:05:41) bettina-h: Yes.
(10:06:03) bettina-h: We should keep in mind that templates are also understood simply as documents, not only documents in a template-format. So do we want to consider all types of documents on the template web site, which is a place for publishing documents?
(10:06:55) mdamboldt: bettina-h: I don't have a strong opinion on that....
(10:07:23) bettina-h: Ok, just wanted to put it here. Surely we'll come back on it.
(10:07:57) mdamboldt: Next AI:
(10:07:57) mdamboldt: 2008_04_10_1: Ask Stella about putting the new branding from www.openoffice.org onto the extension site; Most important would be the banner on top.
(10:07:57) mdamboldt: So far I haven't herad anything new about this. I will ask Stella what the current status in point of view to available ressources is.
(10:08:41) mdamboldt: Next AI lgodard:
(10:08:41) mdamboldt:  2008_04_10_2 :  What process to translate an extension itself
(10:08:41) mdamboldt: Does anybody know anything about this one?
(10:09:07) bettina-h: And the log in area is heavy to relaize on top of the site. We need to consider that also.
(10:09:57) mdamboldt: Ok, so we are already at "round table".
(10:10:20) _Nesshof____ [n=mh@nat/sun/x-70c8e177874ad1bc] hat den Raum betreten.
(10:11:04) mdamboldt: nothing for round table? ......3
(10:11:15) mdamboldt: ......2
(10:11:38) mdamboldt: ...1
(10:12:02) mdamboldt: Ok, so I close this meeting for today. Please find the minutes in the Wiki later today.
(10:12:13) mdamboldt: bye
(10:12:15) bettina-h: Bye.
(10:12:23) b_osi_: tschö
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