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(10:03:25) lgodard: hi
(10:05:09) b_osi: Doesn't seem to be many people here for the meeting.
(10:06:00) b_osi: from sun there are most not available, but one more I would have expected ;-)
(10:06:52) b_osi: Then we can handle it in a short way, lgodard do you have a tapic to discuss?
(10:07:37) lgodard: well, not
(10:07:50) lgodard: b_osi: any news about translation process
(10:08:19) b_osi: yes: There are 4.000 Strings in drupal to translate,
(10:08:20) b_osi: but on the extension site we only use about 1.000 of
(10:08:22) b_osi: them.
(10:08:24) b_osi: First approach was to extract strings by module,
(10:08:26) b_osi: but that wasn't satisfying.
(10:08:27) b_osi: After some changes to drupal it is possible to
(10:08:28) b_osi: put a timestamp to strings, when they are used.
(10:08:30) b_osi: We then exported just the used strings.
(10:08:32) b_osi: We will see when we get the German translation ready,
(10:08:33) b_osi: to see if using german strings does not break something
(10:08:35) b_osi: ;-). There are still some places where the translation
(10:08:36) b_osi: function is missing for a string, but also places where
(10:08:38) b_osi: the translation should not happen, but does it currently.
(10:10:43) lgodard: ok, just let us know. we may then relay to NL
(10:11:03) lgodard: any other thing for living content ?
(10:11:25) b_osi: no, not started jet.
(10:12:57) b_osi: ok, next meeting would be 20.12. where I won't be available.
(10:13:09) b_osi: but maybe some other people :-)
(10:14:32) b_osi: bye lgodard
(10:14:52) lgodard: bye Thorsten
(10:15:11) lgodard: here is the record of the shortest meeting
(10:15:24) lgodard: even with me ;)
(10:15:31) b_osi: thx :-)
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