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10:00–10:20 CEST


  • Bettina Haberer (IRC: bettina-h)
  • Joachim Lingner (IRC: joli_)
  • Jürgen Schmidt (IRC: jsc)
  • Kai Sommerfeld (IRC: kso)
  • Martin Damboldt (IRC: mdamboldt)
  • Stefan Taxhet (IRC: stx12)
  • Thorsten Bosbach (IRC: b_osi)
  • Nils Fuhrmann (IRC: SunNF)
  • Stella Schulze (IRC: ?)
  • Olaf Felka (IRC: olaf-f)
  • Jörg Skottke (IRC: skotti)
  • Laurent Godard (IRC: lgodard)
  • Simon Lopez (IRC: slopez)
  • Mathias Michel (IRC: matm)
  • Kami (IRC: kami)
  • Xiuzhi Cheng (IRC: xiuzhi)
  • Andreas Mantke (IRC: andreasma)

Minute Taker: MD (KSO, STS, JL, BH, ST, TBO, NF, JSC, MD)

Action Items

Action Items
Item Owner Status Due Date
2_2007-10-04: Clarify infrastructure for localization of static content with Thorsten JSC/TBO in progress
3_2007-10-04: Propose workflow for localization of static content JSC stalled
1_2007-10-11: Set up mail address for feedback reporting lgodard pending
1_2007-10-18: Add note to provide English text for extension description to submission process TBO/MD in progress
2_2007-10-18: Create a standard mail to contact submitters who filed extension descriptions in languages other then English lgodard/MD in progress
1_2007-11-01: invite Rafaella Braconi to next meeting to discuss l10n questions MD new

Comments on Action Items

  • 1_2007-10-11: pending, Laurent will talk to Stefan Taxhet when he's back from vacation
  • 1_2007-10-18: in progress, a draft has been published on the list website@extensions.openoffice.org, MD will follow up with Thorsten on this
  • 2_2007-10-18: in progress, see 1_2007-10-18 above

Round Table

  • andreasma: Asked about problematic of rights / license in point of view to last weeks discussion about translations. According to SunNF, we should align the contribution model with what we have for the OOo product (what means: align with the l10n community)

IRC Details

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