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(08:35:23) Das Thema für #ooo-ext ist: OpenOffice.org Extensions Channel - visit http://wiki.services.openoffice.org/wiki/Extensions - For API related questions, please join #ooo-api channel
(10:00:49) mdamboldt: Hello everybody, let's start todays meeting...
(10:01:06) mdamboldt: AI Status Update:
(10:01:06) mdamboldt: JSC/TBO: 2_2007-10-04: Clarify infrastructure for localization of static content with Thorsten
(10:01:54) andreasma: Hi all
(10:01:56) jsc: nothing from me, probably Thorsten can say something to the current state
(10:02:12) mdamboldt: jsc: Thorsten is out of the office today
(10:02:35) mdamboldt: Ok, next one:
(10:02:35) mdamboldt: JSC: 3_2007-10-04: Propose workflow for localization of static content
(10:02:39) jsc: mdamboldt: ah, yes you are right, i forgot it. So that means no more news as on the list
(10:03:06) jsc: my AI depends on the details of the previous AI -> srtalled
(10:03:17) SunNF: jsc: regarding the l10n topics, I strongly suggest to get Rafaella Braconi on board. We should try to align with the OOo l10n communities.
(10:03:55) jsc: sure, i agree. especailly beacuse somebody has asked for i18n support for ext on the mailing list
(10:04:08) mdamboldt: SunNF: I will note an AI for myself to invite Rafaella to our next meeting, probably we can tak to her also beforehand.
(10:04:18) andreasma: We had to discuss with Rafaella about her experience with po-files.
(10:04:38) mdamboldt: Anything else on this topic?
(10:04:49) SunNF: mdamboldt: thanks
(10:04:50) andreasma: drupal gives the possibility to export po-files.
(10:05:35) jsc: yes, we know and po file shouldn't be a problem becasue they are really common as far as i know
(10:06:02) andreasma: yes
(10:06:06) mdamboldt: jsc: We will clarify this with Rafaella.
(10:06:20) jsc: yes, sir ;-)
(10:06:24) mdamboldt: Ok, next AI:
(10:06:24) mdamboldt: Laurent is travelling today and thus not participating in todays meeting, does anybody know an update regarding:
(10:06:24) mdamboldt: 1_2007-10-11: Set up mail address for feedback reporting
(10:06:50) jsc: he wrote on the mailing list that he waits on ST
(10:07:10) jsc: means pending or stalled
(10:07:29) mdamboldt: jsc: Ok, ST should be back from vacation, looking forward to see an update till next meeting.
(10:07:47) mdamboldt: Next AI's:
(10:07:47) mdamboldt: TBO/MD: 1_2007-10-18: Add note to provide English text for extension description to submission process
(10:07:47) mdamboldt: lgodard/MD: 2_2007-10-18: Create a standard mail to contact submitters who filed extension descriptions in languages other then English
(10:08:13) mdamboldt: A draft has been published on the list website@extensions.openoffice.org. Contains the following text:
(10:08:14) mdamboldt: ----
(10:08:14) mdamboldt: Dear Extension submitter,
(10:08:14) mdamboldt: thank you very much for submitting an OpenOffice.org Extension.
(10:08:14) mdamboldt: Currently the Extension Repository web page is available in English only. We are working on the localization of the site. As long as the site is in English only, we kindly ask you to add an English summary to the Extension you submitted. This will help us to keep the content of the Repository consistent and leads to a better user experience for people who looking for Extensions.
(10:08:14) mdamboldt: In case you are not able to translate the summary into English yourself, please contact the extension website team or ask the OpenOffice.org localization community for help.
(10:08:14) mdamboldt: Please understand that we are not able to verify Extensions without an English summary, we may hide these Extensions
(10:08:14) mdamboldt: until the OpenOffice.org Extension Repository is fully localized.
(10:08:14) mdamboldt: Best Regards,
(10:08:14) mdamboldt: Extension Repository Team
(10:08:14) mdamboldt: ----
(10:08:47) mdamboldt: I know it's a bit long for the note within the Extension Submition form. We will strip the text down a little bit for that.
(10:09:00) mdamboldt: Will talk to TBO next Monday about this.
(10:09:31) jsc: I think it's good, i like the text. It's friendly and gives all necessary info
(10:10:27) mdamboldt: Those are all the AI's for today.
(10:10:27) mdamboldt: Anything people like to bring up for the round table?
(10:10:59) jsc: not from me. I am having fun to see the repository growing .....
(10:11:50) andreasma: Last week you discussed about providing translations.
(10:12:41) jsc: yes, that is the main topic at the moment. Anything you want to discuss here, or do you have concrete question
(10:13:08) andreasma: problematic of rights, license.
(10:13:32) jsc: what do you mean in detail?
(10:13:51) andreasma: The translation maybe a work, that is owned by the person who translated the content.
(10:14:36) andreasma: I think we should ask the translater for a license (I prefer PDL).
(10:14:54) jsc: well, either people want to contribute to this extensions and except the conditions (TBD) or not
(10:15:48) jsc: i don't like to make it to complicate and that is one further reason to reuse the existing i18n process if possible
(10:16:05) andreasma: But they had to except the conditions regulary befor they contribute.
(10:17:15) SunNF: andreasma: sure, so we should align the contribution model with what we have for the OOo product (what means: align with the l10n community)
(10:17:51) andreasma: OK
(10:18:43) mdamboldt: Anything else for this topic, or other topics you like to raise?
(10:19:26) SunNF: not for me
(10:19:29) andreasma: not for me
(10:19:57) jsc: it seems to be quite fast today
(10:20:02) ***mdamboldt seems to become the shortest Extension site meeting we ever had.....from ~90 minutes down to ~20 minutes.....
(10:20:14) mdamboldt: Ok, so talk to you all next week again...
(10:20:18) mdamboldt: bye
(10:20:20) bettina-h: bye
(10:20:22) SunNF: bye
(10:20:25) andreasma: bye
(10:20:25) jsc: well, nobody who some bad evils somewhere
(10:20:30) xiuzhi: by
(10:20:35) jsc: ... who see some ....
(10:20:38) jsc: bye
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