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10:00–11:30 CEST


  • Bettina Haberer
  • Joachim Lingner
  • Jürgen Schmidt
  • Kai Sommerfeld
  • Martin Damboldt
  • Stefan Taxhet
  • Thorsten Bosbach
  • Nils Fuhrmann
  • Stella Schulze
  • Laurent Godard

Minute Taker: TBO next (BH, JSC, KSO, ST, MD, TBO)

Action Items

  • How could an update feed be generated on the extensions.services.opennoffice.org site? (TBO, In progress)

-> Postponed to do it after finishing the change of the branding.

  • Redesign the extensions.services.openoffice.org site (STS, In progress)

-> Stella will take a look onto the presentation page for an extension.

  • Establish a new virtual host on the same server as our extensions repository to handle the updates of extensions (TBO, stalled)

-> No feedback so far from OSUOSL about this request. Not needed anymore - the important point was to be able to redirect, which can be done with http://updateext.services.openoffice.org/

  • Extend Extension Manager to use default extension update URL contained in version.ini for update pings (JL, Open)

-> Not done yet, still targeting 2.3 release. Due date middle of july.

  • Provide extensions update URL that is to put into version.ini of 2.3 (TBO, done)

-> http://updateext.services.openoffice.org/ProductUpdateService/check.Update

  • Provide document describing the benefits of OXT over Non-OXT as target for "Developer Resources" (JSC, open, due 2007-07-05)
  • Prepare Mock-ups for Improved Site (STS, done)
  • Prepare Notification of Extension Owners about Site (ST, Open)

-> Stefan needs notification about ten days ahead before the site is going 'public'

  • Prepare Documentation for Users as target for "User Resources" (BH, Open)

-> BH expects to finish on 2007-07-06

  • Start discussion about rating/review of extensions on mailinglist (Laurent, new)
  • Prepare an example full feature download extension, to review the presentation of the extension (TBO, STS: new)


  • Laurent came up with: Translation of a) site UI and b) extension presentation text and c) the extension itself.
    • It was agreed to first get the general function of the site done.
    • Then start with a) by asking the native language groups to provide the needed strings.
    • For b) the way how it could be done with drupal needs some investigation.
    • c) is currently out of scope.
  • Laurent raised the question about security: How can we make shure only 'good' extensions are shown?
    • a) Provide a link or button like 'Report abuse here', to be able to get a notification about bad behaving extensions.
    • b) The general quality can be seen by the ranking of an extension.
    • c) Establish a review by the community.
  • These topics will get discussed at the OOo conference 2007 in Barcelona during the extension meeting and on the mailing list.
  • Design voting
    • It was agreed on the 2. proposal with the search box from the 3. proposal.
    • The logo will get splitted, the text will not be a graphic.
    • The text changes to: Welcome to the home of OpenOffice.org extensions!
  • It was started a discussion on how the extension will be presented on the page.
    • The design will get evaluated by Stella.
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