Events types using Carbon API (Mac OS X) :

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A lot of events have to be managed in runtime. A short description, using Apple documentation follows :

Window events: resizing a window, closing it, closing it, activation, window refresh and updates, and so on.

Menu events: all events relative to menu tracking and selection, and so on

Control events: activation, selection, dragging, changes in user focus, and so on.

Mouse events: button click (right click, left , middle), button down, up ..etc , mouse movement, multiple clicks, multiple buttons, dragging, scroll wheel operation, and so on.

Text and keyboard events: Unicode or Macintosh-encoded text input and raw keyboard presses

Application events: application activation, deactivation, requests to quit, and so on.

Apple events: specific Mac OS X events. See Apple documentation for further informations.

DVD/CD and Volume events: insertion or ejection of CDs and disks.

Pointer or Tablet events: tablet proximity and movement.

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