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===Product Pipeline===
===Product Pipeline===
Source =compilation(switches)=> Binaries =packaging(version,...)=> Packages =productization(features)=> Products
[[Image:Product Pipeline.jpg|center]]
.cxx => lib.so,lib.dll => lib.rpm,lib.msm => Our Product.sh, Our Product.msi

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Looking at an installed OOo and its files, registry entries etc., we can see, that all these entities belong to one or multiple of the following categories, such that they provide or depend on it

  1. brand
  2. Operating System
  3. Machine Architecture / interpreter
  4. localization

The consequences of this observation are, that entities unrelated to one or multiple categories, but shared by products differing in these categories, are identical and thus may be re-used for creating, changing or updating products respectively installed products.

Additionally every entity exactly belongs to one

  • feature

as otherwise it would not be needed for any feature, thus it would not be needed at all. Certainly features may be related such that they require one another, even if this is not noticeable in the Product View.


Model products by setting them into

  • inheritance, respectively
  • instantiation (template)



Inheritance models a "is a" relationship. In practice that would mean, that a StarOffice 8 update 7 is an OOo 2.2.1 (respectively its basis) adding something.



Template Product OOo-Standard {
  Features: writer, calc, impress, draw

Abstract Product OOo2.4 {
  Name: OOo 2.4
  Code-Base: SRC680m236
  Implements: OOo-Standard


Product OOo2.4-ISO : OOo2.4 {
  Name: OpenOffice 2.4
  Format: ISO-750
  Platform: Linux-x86, Windows-x86, Mac OS X x86

Product OOo2.4-download-linux-x86 : OOo2.4 {
  Name: OpenOffice 2.4
  Format: donwload
  Platform: Linux-x86

Product OOo2.4-download-windows-x86 : OOo2.4 {
  Name: OpenOffice 2.4
  Format: donwload
  Platform: windows-x86

Abstract Product SO8u9 : OOo2.4 {
  Name: StarOffice 8 update 9
  Features: so-templates, so-fonts, so-spellchecker, so-brand
  Updates: < StarOffice 8 u 9

Product SO8u9-ISO : SO8u9 {
  Name: StarOffice 8 update 9 ISO
  Format: ISO-750
  Platform: Linux-x86, Solaris-x86, Solaris-Sparc, Windows-x86, Mac OS X x86

Product SO8u9-donwload {
  Name: StarOffice 8 update 9 ISO
  Inherits: SO8u9
  Format: download
  Platform: Linux-x86

Abstract Product {
  Name: StarSuite 8 update 9
  Inherits: OOo 2.4
  Features: so-templates, so-fonts, so-spellchecker, ss-brand
  Updates: < StarSuite 8 u 9


  • Comparison of Installation Sets
  • Check for conflicts
  • Creation of Installation Sets
  • Visualization

Product Pipeline

Product Pipeline.jpg
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