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This is the logo for the Education project :

LaMouette-Degree mini.jpg

Author : Ben Bois ( ben at hooboo dot com )

What is Education project ?

In, everything is project. And all websites starts using the rule : http://$(project)

e.g. :

At this point in time, this is an incubator project. This means that we have just begun and there is a lot more to do before attaining the status of a Project.

... we need you !

The Idea

The idea : create a strong bridge between Educational World and Project, leading to synergy, visibility and progress for all

Our Mission

In 3 points

- Provide a place for users, in Education context: discuss about adapt to your pedagogy, your needs ..etc (all levels of Education are concerned )

- Provide and promote tools adapted to pedagogical use, around

- Write code together : we can teach you everything about code and how add your: just go ahead

Objectives writing code together

  • welcome students
    • propose them methodology ( find documentation)
    • teach them (for basic knowledge and autonomy)
    • work shops ( like the practice in ClassRoom )
    • read and explain code together
    • mentor students (drive them to the right solution, and raise their autonomy)
    • project management and guidance
  • work for synergy between professional world and university professors / teachers
    • project setup
    • start research and development oriented projects

Education Project Effort

Idea based on Efforts

The Benefits

  • For the Teachers
    • Visibility
    • Keep the contact with the reality of Industrial Projects
    • direct contacts with high level projects
    • Share their knowledge with other Teachers and Professional

  • For the Students
    • Have some guidance in their project works is motivating
    • Work directly with high level Professional developers is motivating
    • They contribute for a real and exciting Project
    • Visibility and credibility : good conributions, and open sourced code are a promise for a good job in the future
    • Can valorize their experience

  • The Project will ...
    • win new developers, and contributors
    • progress because new eyes means new visions, and new solutions
    • contribute to a social effect: share the knowledge
    • involve more professors and students to participate, and collaborate for OpenSource project


(any candidate  ? :-) )

PARTNERS are non profit Organisations

If you are a school, and want to support us, please add you in the list :

University of Technology of Belfort Montebeliard : [6]

What can you do to help us ?


Just do it !! ...and see below what fits at the best to your needs !


 	Student, Professor, Developer ( C++ , Objective-C , C, Python, everything website) , 
 	sponsor or volunteer, you certainly can help us, and feel welcome in Education project !!
 	With us, you can learn :

- how the source code for is organized so that you can develop effectively

- which tools are used in

- how to build for your Operating System

- how a new feature implementation is accepted and scheduled

- how the QA is managed

- how the component or module you want to understand and possibly contribute to functions

- what to do if you want to add something

- what to do if you want to create an extension

- how to define applications for your students adapted to

- how to become a Domain Developer for project

Last: we are interested to provide courses about All suggestions are welcome !

FIXME ( work in progress )


We do provide tools using and adapted to your pedagogy. Every time we can, we try to provide


Are you using in your courses/studies ? Please :

- let us know which School you represent - what you did - provide us pedagogical methods adapted to teaching

Where start ?


Thanks to respect the steps below :

Go at <= exactly this site ...

If you don't have a login, create one is mandatory ( on top right)

Validate all the steps allowing to connect yourself to the Education Project ( confirm the subscription mail and so on )

Log you in with the password you have choosen,

=> Click on Membership, then on Request project membership / role

Finaly, click on "Submit Request" and wait for a project Lead to accept your pending request

That's it  :-)


Just subscribe to (highly advised) at : [3]

Archives are extremely important, and are usefull to retrieve something being discussed long time ago.


Fixed informations are on Education project website : [1]

You'll find : links for tools, links for exchange area FIXME ( add some of them )


Alive informations stand in our wiki : [2]

Localized wiki pages :

French page :

Switzerland ( german at this time) : [3]

(other ) : TODO


Discuss with us !

We have an IRC channel and you can meet us for true:

Server is Channel is

See you :-)


We hold regular IRC meetings, and all logs are public.

You'll find them here : [4]

If you want to join, please have a look at : [5]

LINKS (summary )

The main website : [1]

The Wiki : [2]

Mailing list list : [3]

Logs of previous Education IRC Meetings : [4]

Education IRC meetings : [5]

University of Technology of Belfort Montbeliard : [6]

Incubator projects : [7]


Click Here to know who we are, and more

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