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[Education project]


Education project: the official site


Work in progress. Welcome if you want to contribute :-)

If you have questions, or need informations, please subscribe to the mailing list:

=> [Subscribe to the mailing list]


( Brainstorming in progress )

  • Revamp
  • Statisticize the site
  • Organize the wiki page
  • Create new entries : locales ? / tools ? / Success stories ? / Partners ?
  • Resources : ask an entry for every school present on the site ? (annually ?)
  • QA : define default owner for education project issues
  • Be present and visible (please complete the list) :


European events

  • OOoCon 2008 (supposed occuring in Europa, not sure .. )
  • FOSDEM 2008
  • RMLL 2008 (France, Mont de Marsan, probably 1st or 2nd week of July )
  • Educatice ( France, Paris )
  • Apple Expo

US events

  • WWDC (San Francisco)
  • AppleLiveExpo (Köln)
  • Mac World (San Francisco)

Asian events

African events

Oceanian events

Localisation projects

Below you will find all sub-projects of the main education project.

Those sub-projects are a good place to find :

  • resources in your own language,
  • documentation related to your educational system
  • a good starting point to build a bridge between OOo development and education in your own country.
  • that you bring into it !

Join us :

fr : Education Project in French

For French speaking countries : Projet ÉDUCATION

List of schools


  • Define tabs for every country ?
  • Define arrays for all schools, including Schools logos, contacts for every ... etc ?

French schools already contacted :

Work in progress (this week)  :

please complete the list, and define/add contacts

Projects in progress

Volunteers to revamp the site

  • Raphael Bircher

IRC channel

All informations are now available at Education_IRC_meetings wiki page.

Proposal : have regular IRC meetings ?

First IRC meeting scheduled for the week 12th - 17th of November 2007

Proposed :

server : Channel :

Done :

Register the channel : Chanserv is set as guard , mode secure On, Topiclock is on, ops are ericb2, lgodard, rbircher louis_to ( new volunteers are welcome )

Define operators / tasks / Action Items

+ complete the list on wiki page


This section has been moved to : Education Courses


FIXME : complete :-)

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