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This page lists frequently used resources of the drawing framework.

Built-In Resources


The prefix of pane resources is private:resource/pane/. The following panes do not have anchors.

  • private:resource/pane/CenterPane
the center pane.
  • private:resource/pane/LeftImpressPane
the left pane used by the Impress application.
  • private:resource/pane/LeftDrawPane
the left pane used by the Draw application.
  • private:resource/pane/RightPane
the right pane.


The prefix of view resources is private:resource/view/. Their anchor is one of the panes listed above.

  • private:resource/view/ImpressView
the regular edit view of the Impress application.
  • private:resource/view/GraphicView
the regular edit view of the Draw application.
  • private:resource/view/OutlineView
the outline view.
  • private:resource/view/NotesView
the notes view.
  • private:resource/view/HandoutView
the handout view.
  • private:resource/view/SlideSorter
the slide sorter. It can be displayed both in the left pane as slide sorter bar or in the center pane as slide sorter view.
  • private:resource/view/TaskPane
the tool panel in the right pane.
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