Creating one file from a master document and its subdocuments

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Master documents are .odm files containing linked subdocuments, which are in .odt format. Although linked files are very useful when writing and editing a large document such as a book, sometimes you might need to have a copy of the entire book in one file.

To export a master document to a .odt file (without affecting the original .odm file), do this:

  1. Open the master document and choose File > Export from the menu bar.
  2. On the Export dialog, type a name for the exported .odt file and choose OpenDocument Text (.odt) from the File format list. Click Export. This step changes the .odm file into a .odt file.
  3. Exporting a master document to an OpenDocument Text (.odt) file
    Exporting a master document to an OpenDocument Text (.odt) file.

  4. Close the master document and open the new .odt file, updating all links.
  5. Choose Edit > Links from the menu bar.
  6. The Edit Links dialog shows all the linked files. Select all the files in the Source file list and click Break Link. This step embeds (includes) the contents of all the subdocuments into one single file.
  7. Breaking links to include files in one document
    Breaking links to include files in one document.

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