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You can convert an object into a different type. Right-click on the object and select the Convert to display a menu containing the following options:

  • To Curve: converts the selected object to a Bézier curve.
  • To Polygon: converts the selected object to a polygon. After the conversion choose Edit Points to edit the shape.
  • To Contour: converts the selected object to a polygon, or a group of polygons. If the conversion creates a group of polygons (for example, when you convert a text object), then press F3 to enter the group before you can select an individual polygon.
  • Convert to 3D: converts the selected object to a three-dimensional (3D) object.
  • Convert to 3D Rotation Object: creates a three-dimensional shape by rotating the selected object around its vertical axis.
  • To Bitmap: converts the selected object to a bitmap.
  • To metafile: converts the selected object to Windows Metafile Format (WMF), containing both bitmap and vector graphic data.
Convert options
The convert options in the context menu.

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