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Help system

OOo comes with an extensive Help system. This is your first line of support for using OOo.

To display the full Help system, press F1 or select Help from the Help menu. In addition, you can choose whether to activate tooltips, extended tips, and the Help Agent (using Tools > Options > General).

If tooltips are enabled, place the mouse pointer over any of the icons to see a small box (“tooltip") with a brief explanation of the icon's function. For a more detailed explanation, select Help > What's This? and hold the pointer over the icon.

The Help menu.

Free online support

The community not only develops software, but provides free, volunteer-based support. Users of OOo can get comprehensive online support from community venues such as newsgroups, forums, or mailing lists. There are also numerous websites run by users that offer free tips and tutorials.

Read more about the support options for at:

Alternatively, you can pay for support services. Service contracts can be purchased from a vendor or consulting firm specializing in

OOo is supported by Sun Microsystems, Inc. under the Sun Software Support program, which includes two levels of support that cover extended business hours or around-the-clock service for mission-critical deployments.

A list of independent consultants and the services they offer, listed alphabetically by region and then by country, is provided on the website.

Other resources and addons

Several websites provide additional free resources and addons to enhance The following table lists a few of these websites.

Free OOo templates, artwork, addons, and other resources

  • OOExtras. Provides templates, samples, and macros in several languages.
  • OOoMacros. A repository for OOo macros and addons and documentation about writing macros or extending OOo.
  • Open Clip Art Library. An archive of clip art that can be used for free for any use.
  • Macro Information. Andrew Pitonyak, the author of Macros Explained, maintains this site, which provides extensive documentation on OOo's macro capability. Many good referral links are also provided:
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