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=General shortcut keys for OpenOffice.org=
=General shortcut keys for OpenOffice.org=
!Shortcut Keys !! Result
!Shortcut Keys !! Result

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General shortcut keys for OpenOffice.org

Shortcut Keys Result
Enter key Activates the focused button in a dialog.
Esc Terminates the action or dialog. If in OpenOffice.org Help: goes up one level.
Spacebar Toggles the focused check box in a dialog.
Arrow keys Changes the active control field in an option section of a dialog.
Tab Advances focus to the next section or element in a dialog.
Shift + Tab Moves the focus to the previous section or element in a dialog.
Alt+Down Arrow Opens the list of the control field currently selected in a dialog. These shortcut keys apply not only to combo boxes but also to icon buttons with pop-up menus. Close an opened list by pressing the Escape key.
Del Deletes the selected items into the recycle bin.
Shift+Del Deletes the selected items without putting them in the recycle bin.
Backspace When a folder is shown: goes up one level (goes back).
Ctrl+Shift+Space Removes direct formatting from selected text or objects (as in Format > Default Formatting).
Ctrl + Tab When positioned at the start of a header, a tab is inserted.
Enter (if an OLE object is selected) Activates the selected OLE object.
Enter (if a drawing object or text object is selected) Activates text input mode.
Ctrl + O Opens a document.
Ctrl + S Saves the current document.
Ctrl + N Creates a new document.
Shift+Ctrl+N Opens Templates and Documents dialog.
Ctrl + P Prints document.
Ctrl + Q Exits application.
Ctrl + X Cuts out the selected elements.
Ctrl + C Copies the selected items.
Ctrl + V Pastes from the clipboard.
Ctrl + Shift + V Opens the Paste Special dialog.
Ctrl + A Selects all.
Ctrl + Z Undoes last action.
Ctrl + Y Redoes last action.
Ctrl+F Calls the Find & Replace dialog.
Ctrl+Shift+F Searches for the last entered search term.
Ctrl+Shift+J Toggles the view between fullscreen mode and normal mode in Writer or Calc.
Ctrl+Shift+R Redraws the document view.
Shift+Ctrl+I Enable or disable the selection cursor in read-only text.
Ctrl+I Applies the Italic attribute to the selected area. If the cursor is positioned in a word, this word is also marked in italic.
Ctrl+B Applies The Bold attribute to the selected area. If the cursor is positioned in a word, this word is also put in bold.
Ctrl+U Applies the Underlined attribute to the selected area. If the cursor is positioned in a word, this word is also underlined.
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