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This section contains the draft text of the user guide titled OpenOffice.org 3.x Calc Guide.

The sequence of chapters has changed since an earlier draft of this book. The list below shows the current sequence.

Chapter 1 Introducing Calc
Chapter 2 Entering, Editing, and Formatting Data
Chapter 3 Creating Charts and Graphs
Chapter 4 Using Styles and Templates
Chapter 5 Graphics in Calc
Chapter 6 Printing, Exporting, and E-mailing
Chapter 7 Using Formulas and Functions
Chapter 8 DataPilot
Chapter 9 Data Analysis
Chapter 10 Linking Calc Data
Chapter 11 Sharing and Reviewing
Chapter 12 Calc Macros
Chapter 13 Calc as a Simple Database
Chapter 14 Setting up and Customizing Calc
Appendix A Keyboard Shortcuts
Appendix B Description of Functions
Appendix C Calc Error Codes

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