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(Open Issues)
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==Open Issues==
'''Open Issues'''
===How many contests===
===How many contests===

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Open Issues

How many contests


  1. make an international macros contest, let the DE project do his own extensions contest
  2. make an international macros contest, then make an international extensions contest
  3. make an international macros & extensions contest


  • All entries are informed of the Project's copyright policy--PDL, CC for non-editable things, JCA for things include
  • Don't explicitly support third-party proprietary licenses, unless we are being asked for that by applicants in the installation sets.

Rules of Participation

  • We should decide whether we want to let everyone join, or - as the DE project planned - pick up the most interesting applications so we have a fix number of participants, each for one theme, so no theme is done by two applicants.
  • Do we want to give some themes as examples, or do we just want to wait for applicants to send in their ideas?
  • One open point is, which languages do we support.
    1. Only English.
    2. Foreign languages are also supported.
    3. Foreign languages are also supported, but a translation into English is obligatory.


  • Announcement: Let's say mid-September for that.
  • Closure: Mid-December, applicants have to send in their final work
  • Awards: At the end of this or the beginning of the next year, we can award prizes.

Committee Membership

Review Process and Criteria

  • Technical implementation/Coding efficiency
  • User experience/Ease of Use
  • Documentation
  • Maybe translation (see below)
  • Robustness


  • Our primary sponsor as of right now is Russell Ossendryver, of Worldlabel.com.
  • Do we want
    1. several sponsors for the international contest?
    2. Or do you speak of contests to follow?
    3. Another idea would be to have one international sponsor and "small" sponsors in the NLC projects.
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