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Returns the non-ISO week number of a given date.

This function is only available if the Analysis AddIn is installed.


WEEKNUM_ADD(date; mode)

returns the 'conventional' non-ISO week number, where week 1 is the week that contains January 1st.
date is the date as a date-time serial number or as text.
mode specifies which day is considered the first day of the week: 1 for Sunday, 2 for Monday.
WEEKNUM_ADD mimics the behaviour of the WEEKNUM function in Excel. Calc's WEEKNUM function returns the international standard ISO8601 week number.


WEEKNUM_ADD("2010-01-07"; 2)

returns 2. 7Jan10 is a Thursday, and 1Jan10 is the Friday of the preceding week.


  • WEEKNUM_ADD is called WEEKNUM in the forthcoming ODFF standard.


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