How do I add my own templates?

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How do I add my own templates?

The first step is to make your template file. You can make your own text document, presentation, drawing file, or any file type. When your file is completely customized, save any changes and note the location where your file is stored.

Follow these steps to make your template easily available:

  1. From the menu bar, select: File -> Templates -> Organize.
  2. In the dialog that appears, choose 'My Templates'. (You can either put your templates in this folder or create a new folder. To create a new folder, select Commands -> New. A new folder will appear in the box on the left side of the dialog. Enter a new folder name.)
  3. Select: Commands -> Import Template.
  4. Navigate to where you saved the file. Select (highlight) the template file and click 'Open'. This should make the template show up in the expanded folder view of the folder you selected.
  5. Click 'Close'.

To use your new template, select: File -> New -> Templates and Documents, highlight the new template folder and template name, then click OK.

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