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If you have doubt whether a Q/A set is accurate, you may mark it with the <code><nowiki>{{Documentation/NeedsRework}}</nowiki></code> label. Just add it at the top of the page.
If you have doubt whether a Q/A set is accurate, you may mark it with the <code><nowiki>{{Documentation/NeedsRework}}</nowiki></code> label. Just add it at the top of the page.
[[Category: Documentation]]
[[Category: Documentation/FAQ]]

Latest revision as of 12:46, 24 November 2009

Great that you decided to help out with this task!

We are reorganizing the FAQ lists so that every Q/A pair is contained on one single wiki page. That makes it much easier to aggregate them in different lists (using the wonderful dynamic list features of mediawiki).

The "General" section is already restructured, you can use that section as a reference.

This is how you proceed:

1. Select a FAQ section to work on

  • Go to the main FAQ page and select a section from the contents table on the right-hand side

2. Send a mail to dev@documentation.openoffice.org

  • Send a mail containing the FAQ section you would like to work to the documentation project alias so that everyone knows you're working on it. This avoids conflicting editing.

3. Add the "Being Edited" label to the page

This shows anyone looking at that FAQ page that you are working on it and to avoid editing conflicts.

  • Open the corresponding page in edit mode
  • Add the following string at the top of the file: {{Documentation/BeingEdited|~~~~}}
  • Save the page to make the change visible to all

4. Move the Q/As to separate pages

The start of the page contains code that dynamically displays wiki pages belonging to a certain category. The goal is to move the Q/A sets out to separate files that are assigned to the category that is displayed in that FAQ section file.

The easiest way to do this is to have two browser windows open with the FAQ section wiki page: one in Edit mode (Edit window), and one in View mode (View window).

  • In the Edit window, select a Q/A pair and cut it using Ctrl-X
  • In the View window, go to the Add New FAQ input line
  • Select a short wiki page topic name and replace <INSERT FAQ TOPIC> with it.
    For example, if the question is Where can I get the downloads for my platform? in the section Installation, then the input line should contain something like Documentation/FAQ/Installation/PlatformDownloads
  • Click Add New FAQ
    A new wiki page will be created and preloaded with a template for a Q/A pair:
<section begin=question/>
<section end=question/>
<section begin=answer/>
<section end=answer/>
[[Category:Documentation/FAQ/<INSERT FAQ SECTION>]]
  • Replace (INSERT FAQ TITLE) with the title of the FAQ as displayed on the page. This may be a short version of the question or the question itself.
  • Replace <INSERT QUESTION> with the actual question
  • Replace <INSERT ANSWER> with the actual answer
  • Replace <INSERT FAQ SECTION> with the current FAQ section name. This category assignment determines where this wiki page will appear. Please use the following section names:
FAQ section section name in category
General General
Installation Installation
Word Processing Writer
Automatic Functions Writer/AutomaticFunctions
Document Management Writer/DocumentManagement
Formatting Pages and Docs Writer/FormattingPagesAndDocuments
Formatting Text Writer/FormattingText
Graphics, Frames & Objects Writer/GraphicsFramesObjects
Indexes, Tables of Contents Writer/IndexToc
Printing and Mail Merge Writer/Printing
Spreadsheets Calc
Drawings Draw
Presentations Impress
Formula Editor Formula
Database Databases
Macros Macros
  • Click Save Page

Proceed through all questions in an FAQ section like this. You may also want to check the moved Q/A pairs for accuracy.

If you have doubt whether a Q/A set is accurate, you may mark it with the {{Documentation/NeedsRework}} label. Just add it at the top of the page.

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