I can't open DOC files with Word anymore

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I just installed OOo, now I can't open DOC files with Word anymore! What happened?

When you install Open Office.org, it asks you whether you want to associate MS Office files with OpenOffice.org. In order to not associate these MS Office file types, you must uncheck the appropriate boxes before continuing.

Once this association has been made, though, there are several ways to fix the association issue.

  • Go into your file types setting (It should be under either tools or folder options) from one of the windows in My Computer. Then delete the association for .doc, .xls, and any other file types that you do not want associated to the OpenOffice.org program.
  • When you next click on a file of that type (such as .doc or .xls), it will ask you what you want to use to open it. Click on Word, Excel, or whatever program you want to use. You will also be given the option to select always use this application to open the file type.
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