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Cell Formatting

In cells, cell ranges, table rows, table columns and cell ranges collections, the cells are formatted through the service These properties are accessible through the interface that is supported by all the objects mentioned above. The service contains all properties that describe the cell formatting of the cell range, such as the cell background color, borders, the number format and the cell alignment. Changing the property values affects all cells of the object being formatted.

The cell border style is stored in the struct A cell range contains six different kinds of border lines: upper, lower, left, right, horizontal inner, and vertical inner line. Each line is represented by a struct that contains the line style and color. The boolean members Is...LineValid specifies the validity of the ...Line members containing the line style. If the property contains the value true, the line style is equal in all cells that include the line. The style is contained in the ...Line struct. The value false means the cells are formatted differently and the content of the ...Line struct is undefined. When changing the border property, these boolean values determine if the lines are changed to the style contained in the respective ...Line struct.

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