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When a designed dialog has been executed either after it has been created via a dialog editor or programmatically, there usually is a demand to interact with the dialog, or query its state or the states of its contained controls during runtime. This topic will help you become familiar with how to handle UNO dialogs during runtime, and it will provide you with an overview of all of the supported dialog controls. It does not provide a complete description of all involved facets. It is meant to provide you with the information you need to solve individual problems on your own. Additional information can be found in the respective interface and service descriptions.

Tip.png You will most probably want your extension to integrate into Apache OpenOffice. The Apache OpenOffice style guide under DialogSpecificationandGuidelines.odt defines the rules that user interface elements must follow in order to give the application a consistent look and feel.

Tip.png A specification guide that defines the general behavior of Apache OpenOffice assistance was Wizards_NewConcept.sxw.

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