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The common set of properties that are used by all controls are:

Common Properties of all control models
Enabled The Enabled property can be set to true or false to enable or disable a button during runtime.
HelpText Help text is displayed as a tip on the control when the mouse moves over the control.
HelpURL The HelpURL is the URL of a help document. When the control has the focus, you can press F1 to open the help document. This feature is not yet available for embedded custom help documents. See issue for more information.

Currently the only supported "Help URL scheme" follows the pattern "HID:<HELPID>".

Printable If Printable set to false, the control is not visible on printer outputs.
Tabstop The Tabstop property defines if a control can be reached with the TAB key.
Visible The property Visible defines whether a dialog control is shown on its assigned dialog-step or not. The effective Visibility of a control is thus derived from the values of both properties Step and Visible. For example if the Step property of the control model is not equal to the Step property of the dialog model (that denotes the actual visible dialog step) the control will not be visible. In contrast, the method setVisible( [in] boolean Visible ) at the interface can be applied to the control and will set the Visibility of the control regardless the value of the Step property.

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