The SDBC Driver for ODBC

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This driver is comparable to the SDBC driver for JDBC described above. It maps the ODBC functionality to the SDBC API, but not completely. However, some functionality the SDBC API supports may not work with ODBC, because an ODBC driver may not support this feature and throws an SQL Exception to indicate this. To create a new connection, the driver uses the following URL format:

 sdbc:odbc: Name of a datasource defined in the system

Additionally, this driver supports several properties through the service These properties are set while creating a connection:

Properties of
Silent boolean - If True, the ODBC driver will not be asked for completion. This may happen if the username and password are already known. Otherwise False.
Timeout int - A value corresponding to the number of seconds to wait for any request on the connection to complete before returning to the application.
UseCatalog boolean - If False, the SDBC driver should not use catalogs. Otherwise True.
SystemDriverSettings string - Settings that are submitted to the ODBC driver directly.
Charset string - Converts data from the ODBC driver into the corresponding text encoding. The value must be a value of the list from Only a few character sets are supported
ParameterNameSubstitution boolean - If True, all occurrences of "?" as a parameter name will be replaced by a valid parameter name. This is for some drivers that mix the order of the parameters.
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