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After a configuration provider is obtained, call createInstanceWithArguments() to create a view on the configuration data.

The following arguments can be specified when creating a view:

Parameter Name Type Default Comments
nodepath string - This parameter is required. It contains an absolute path to the root node of the view.
Locale string The user's locale

(or "*")

Using this parameter, specify the locale to be used for selecting locale-dependent values. Use the ISO code for a locale, for example, en-US for U.S. English.
Documentation note.png If the special value "*" is used for the locale parameter, values for all locales are retrieved. In this case, a locale-dependent property appears as a set item. The items of the set are the values for the different locales. They will have the ISO identifiers of the locales as names.

It can be used if you want to assign values for different locales in a targeted manner.

To create a read-only view on the data, the service is requested:

  // Create a specified read-only configuration view
  public Object createConfigurationView(String sPath) throws {
      // get the provider to use 
      XMultiServiceFactory xProvider = getProvider();
      // The service name: Need only read access:
      final String sReadOnlyView = "";
      // creation arguments: nodepath aPathArgument = new;
      aPathArgument.Name = "nodepath";
      aPathArgument.Value = sPath;
      Object[] aArguments = new Object[1];
      aArguments[0] = aPathArgument;
      // create the view
      Object xViewRoot = xProvider.createInstanceWithArguments(sReadOnlyView, aArguments);
      return xViewRoot;

To obtain updatable access, the service is requested.

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