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This is a list of Documentation Project members. The purpose of this list is to give us an idea of who the various team members are.

Doc Project user name Name (optional) Location [1] Comment
ccornell Clayton Germany Doc Project co-lead; developer docs; personal blog
jeanweber Jean Australia Doc Project co-lead; mainly user docs
therabi Andy USA User docs; helping users
clairedwood Claire UK Volunteer, mainly user docs & wiki
ggurley Gabriel USA Contributor, Conceptual Guides and User Guides; personal site
User:TJFrazier TJ USA (UTC-4:00) Contributor, Documentation/BASIC_Guide, occasional macros and extensions.
kicpd Cecilia Cheung UK Volunteer, helping with Base user docs
pitonyak Andrew Pitonyak USA Contributor, primarily with respect to macros; my home page.
hazelr Hazel Russman England Volunteer editor for style, etc. Can translate from German to English.
User:whizzbang Sharon Whiston France Volunteer beginner editor/proofreader
joesellman Joe UK Volunteer editing user guides
mzarri Michele UK, World Contributor, mostly Writer and Impress
  1. Do NOT enter home addresses or other personal information in the Location column. If you fill in this column, just enter the country you live in.
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