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This is a list of Documentation Project members. The purpose of this list is to give us an idea of who the various team members are.

Doc Project user name Name (optional) Location [1] Comment
jeanweber Jean Australia Doc Project co-lead; mainly user docs
therabi Andy USA User docs; helping users. Not currently active.
clairedwood Claire UK Volunteer, mainly user docs & wiki. Not currently active.
ggurley Gabriel USA Contributor, [Documentation/OpenOffice.org_Conceptual_Guides Conceptual Guides] and User Guides; personal site
tjfrazier tj USA (UTC-4:00) Contributor, Documentation/BASIC_Guide, occasional macros and extensions.
kicpd Cecilia Cheung UK Volunteer, helping with Base user docs
pitonyak Andrew Pitonyak USA Contributor, primarily with respect to macros; my home page.
hazelr Hazel Russman England Volunteer editor for style, etc. Can translate from German to English.
User:whizzbang Sharon Whiston France Volunteer beginner editor/proofreader
joesellman Joe UK Volunteer editing user guides
mzarri Michele UK, World Contributor, mostly Writer and Impress. Not currently active.
Sancho Aleksey Evgenievich Harlamenkov Moscow, Russia QA - Automated Testing, Manual Testing; Interoperability; User Support - forums, wiki, Tutorials, Training; Community Development; User; User Documentation - Author, Editor; Distribution; l10n (RU); Install.
  1. Do NOT enter home addresses or other personal information in the Location column. If you fill in this column, just enter the country you live in.
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