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For general information on how to build Apache OpenOffice from source code, see the platform independent page.

See also this slightly older building guide.

Build requirements

Additionally to the general build requirements you need

for building AOO 4.1 and newer

What Where to get / Remarks
Mac OS X version 10.7 (aka Lion) or later provided by Apple
Xcode version 4.5 or later. Use the App Store application to get and install it. If you got Xcode 5.x some extra steps are needed.

You can also download it free of charge, but a registration at the Apple Developer Connection site is required for that.

MacOSX SDK SDKs compatible with OSX 10.7 are automatically provided by installing XCode 4.5 or newer
gnutar OSX<=10.8 contains the tool directly, for OSX>=10.9 some extra steps are needed.

for building AOO 3.4 and 4.0

What Where to get / Remarks
Mac OS X version 10.4 (aka Tiger) or later If you are using 10.5 aka Leopard, have a look at User:Dyrcona/LeopardBuild#flex.
Mac 10.4 SDK
XCode version 2.4.1 or later
  • For Mac OS X 10.7 (aka Lion), XCode 3.2.6 has be installed.
  • If you want to use a newer version than the one that is shipped with your Mac OS X installation media, you need to register at the Apple Developer Connection site (free of charge) to be able to download it.
  • On Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard), make sure to install the optional 10.4 SDK with XCode.

Extra Requirements for Xcode 5

What Where to get / Remarks
Xcode commandline tools run this command in a terminal
sudo xcode-select --install

Extra Requirements for OSX >= 10.9

What Where to get / Remarks
gnutar Run these commands in a terminal
curl -OL
tar xvjf tar-1.27.tar.bz2
pushd tar-1.27
./configure --prefix=/usr/local
sudo make install
sudo ln -s /usr/local/bin/tar /usr/local/bin/gnutar


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