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The source code can be fetched in several ways, as described below.

Source Tarballs (for package maintainers)

The latest release version of the source code can be downloaded as tarballs from Download, see Source on the right.

The source is pretty big and has therefore been split into several files.

Tarball Description
OOo_3.x.x_src_core.tar.bz2 The necessary part for each build, the other tarballs depend on this one.
OOo_3.x.x_src_system.tar.bz2 Libraries that usually exist on a standard Linux system[1]. For a Windows build this package is usually required.
OOo_3.x.x_src_binfilter.tar.bz2 The filters for old binary StarOffice formats
OOo_3.x.x_src_l10n.tar.bz2 Translations of the software for many languages
OOo_3.x.x_src_extensions.tar.bz2 Extensions source package
OOo_3.x.x_src_testautomation.tar.bz2 Automated test suite (optional)

For a full build you need them all. For development, the core package is usually all you need.

Unpack the tarballs one at a time to a directory. They will create a new directory with the name of the milestone, such as OOO310_m11. This folder will from now on be the $SRC_ROOT, when you run ./configure it will create a shell-script that will set the environment variable to this path.

Documentation caution.png Avoid using winzip to extract the downloaded source archive. Observed problems include:
  • CR-LF errors that can affect makefiles and cause compile errors
  • Certain files unpacked into root folder, esp. likely when actual path is deeply nested (e.g. foo/bar/source/foo/java/org/x/y/z/w/LongFileName.hmm) which again causes mysterious compile errors.

Use the tar from Cygwin instead:

unzip for .gz

tar xvzf OOo_3.x.x_src_core.tar.gz

bzip2 for .bz2

tar xvjf OOo_3.1.0_src_core.tar.bz2

SCM-Access for the current development line (named DEV300) using Mercurial as SCM

Mercurial (hg) replaces Subversion end of October 2010. The mercurial master repository is already in place. You can clone the repository with

hg clone <working_dir>

The OOo Mercurial repository is huge. Cloning the OOo repository as shown above my take some hours depending on the quality of your internet connection. We provide a nightly snapshot as Mercurial bundle which is currently about 1.3 GB in size. Utilizing this bundle is the fastest way to get an initial clone of the repository.

Download the bundle here:

mkdir <working_dir>
cd <working_dir>
hg init
hg unbundle <path_to_bundle>/DEV300.hg
hg pull
hg update

Both methods will get you a repository and a working tree with the latest changes.

List all available milestones (a stable development version released by RelEng):

hg tags

Checking out a milestone

hg update -rDEV300_mXX


SCM-Access for the 3.2 release code line (named OOO320) using Subversion as SCM

Checking out a milestone (a stable development version released by RelEng)

svn checkout svn://

Replace XX with the highest currently available milestone.

The files will be placed in the current directory.


for a list of available milestones. Template:Documentation/Note

See also


  1. Template:Documentation/Note
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