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The Developer's Guide is designed to be the main resource for developers to find technical background information related to UNO and the API.

The Developer's Guide chapter on Writing UNO Components provides a collection of information that is necessary or important to write well-formed UNO components. Besides basic component knowledge the chapter contains several sub-chapters describing specific service provider interfaces (SPI). Smart Tags are a well known concept introduced with MS Office XP to add contextual information to Office documents. The SPI Smart Tags was introduces for OpenOffice org 2.2 but the relating documentation in the Dveloper's Guide is still missing.


The task of this bounty is to create a new chapter on Smart Tags. The bounty Owner should integrate or transform the existing material from Writer/Smart Tags into this new chapter, and apply the styles and formatting of the Developer's Guide. The final structure will be defined together with the bounty reviewers/mentors.

Knowledge requirements

The Owner of this bounty should have a deep knowledge of Smart Tags and the available features and UNO in general. Ideally the Owner has practical experience with the development of Smart Tags.

Content on this page is licensed under the Public Documentation License (PDL).
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