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This page lists spell checker dictionaries, hyphenation files, and thesauri for OpenOffice.org.

You are free to add other resources, but please note that files which are supposed to be installable using OpenOffice.org's integrated wizard (DicOOo, see File -> Wizards -> Install new dictionaries) need to be hosted on the official server (ftp.services.openoffice.org). Please contact the lingucomponent mailing list or dnaber at openoffice org to upload your files there.

All Language Packs: PackFull V2 (40MB) 2006-09-28
Download the PackFull_v2.zip if you want to redistribute all available dictionaries in your network.


Afrikaans (South Africa)

Amharic (Ethiopia)

Arabic (North Africa and Middle East)

  • Spelling (Simple word list) 2006-03-29
  • Spelling (Conversion of Buckwalter's Arabic morphological analyser) 2006-02-08

Azerbaijani (Azerbaijan)

Bengali (India)

Bulgarian (Bulgaria)

Catalan (Spain)

Chichewa (Malawi)

Coptic (North Africa)

Croatian (Croatia)

Czech (Czech Republic)

Danish (Denmark)

Dutch (Netherlands)

English (United States, ...)

Esperanto (anywhere)

Estonian (Estonia)

Faroese (Faroe Islands)

Fijian (Fiji)

Finnish (Finland)

French (France, ...)

Friulian (FUR - spoken in north-east Italy)

Fula (West Africa)

Galician (Spain)

German (Germany, ...)

Greek (Greece)

Hebrew (Israel)

Hindi (India)

Hungarian (Hungary)

Icelandic (Iceland)

Indonesian (Indonesia)

Interlingua (x-register)

Irish (Ireland)

Italian (Italy)

Jula (West Africa)

Kashubian (Poland)

Khmer (Cambodia)

Kinyarwanda (Rwanda)

Kiswahili (East Africa)

Kurdish (Turkey)

Latin (x-register)

  • Spelling:
    • mlatin 2006-02-02 by Jean-Pierre Sutto (GPL)
    • COL1.0ß 2006-01-27 by Marjorie Burghart
  • Pack 2002-05-05

Latvian (Latvia)

Lithuanian (Lithuania)

Luxembourgish (Luxembourg)

  • Pack Notes: development version, updated regularly, needs OOo >= 2.0.2

Malagasy (Madagascar)

Malay (Malaysia)

Maori (New Zealand)

Marathi (India)

Mongolian (Mongolia)

Mòoré (Burkina Faso)

Nedebele (South) (South Africa)

Nepali (Nepal)

Northern Sotho (South Africa)

Norwegian (Norway)

Oriya (India)

Persian (Iran)

Polish (Poland)

Portuguese (Portugal)

Punjabi (India)

Quetchua (Bolivia)

  • Pack (Spelling) 2006-09-28

Romanian (Romania)

Russian (Russia)

Scottish Gaelic (Scotland)

Setswana (Africa)

Slovak (Slovakia)

Slovenian (Slovenia)

Southern Sotho (South Africa)

Spanish (Spain, ...)

Swazi/Swati (South Africa)

Swedish (Sweden)

Tagalog (Philippines)

Tamil (India)

Tetum (Indonesia)

Tsonga (South Africa)

Ukrainian (Ukraine)

Uzbek (Uzbekistan)

Venda (South Africa)

Vietnamese (Vietnam)

Welsh (Wales)

Xhosa (South Africa)

Zulu (Africa)

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