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Getting started with OOo development

Get Started from Scratch
you most likely need to:

  1. Get it
  2. Build it
  3. Install it
  4. Run it

Click for instructions on
each step!

Building and hacking on (OOo) entails climbing a fairly lengthy and steep incline. Hopefully, this wiki will make the learning curve less steep and less abrupt, and will give you a walking stick to help you out.

Much of our documentation assumes that you'll be using a reasonably current Linux system, as this the most easy environment to start. On Linux all prerequisites are available as Free software. There is also some information on developing on Windows.

It should also be noted that you can build either the plain 'up-stream' OOo or use an ooo-build release which adds some patches & fixes. The ooo-build process is destined to being gradually phased out as the various up-stream issues it solves go away.

In the same way, learning UNO components development is not an easy task. To help you there is an Eclipse plugin and a tutorial to use it. You can install the Eclipse plugin by using the following update site: The tutorial on how to create a UNO component in Java is available in the api project docs & files sections. The document will even be wikified on this page: Java Tutorial using Eclipse

Going Further

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