New OOo Project Proposal: Design, Artwork and Branding Project

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This page is meant to collect thoughts and ideas leading to a new project.

The project will be dedicated to branding and corporate design for, including creation of related artwork as well as taking care for a common look-and-feel among product, website, marketing material and any other place refering to

The project's working title is (until anybody comes up with a better name):

Design, Artwork and Branding Project

Main directive

This project wants to establish and maintain a general visual identity for - both the product and the community.

Actions to be taken

First steps

  • Contact the existing projects actually working on the area of visual identity and branding:
    • OOo design team at Sun: Defining the present style ("Galaxy")for branding / visual design of the product.
    • Art: Creation of marketing material and other artwork based on the splash screen and other branding elements.
    • Website: Design of the website style to be used for the OOo project websites and collateral sites like wiki, templates and extensions.
    • Marketing: Usage of artwork created by the Art Project for online and and printed representation.
    • User Experience: Feedback of the general users and specified target groups on branding and visual identity.
    • Native Language: Localized artwork on website, other online and printed material in native language.
    • Documentation: Design of the official OOo documentation.
    • User Interface: Menues, buttons and windows inside OOo.
  • Find people from all these projects interested in working together on design and branding topics as representants of their projects. They will serve as contact persons in both directions: From their projects to the new branding/art project and from the new project back to the other projects.
  • Proposal and creation of the new project.

After establishing the new project

  • Determine the general goals for visual design.
  • Revise present artwork and design elements with regards to their usability for a general branding design.
  • Define a general visual design and branding style.

Next activities

  • Create a style guide describing the visual design to be followed by every artist working on artwork to represent
  • According to this style all necessary artwork has to be created.
  • Spread this artwork to all the projects involved in branding and visual design (see above).
  • Establish this style all the places where is represented by visual means.

Continuous work

  • Re-evaluate interatively the visual goals of
  • Decide about possible design updates with major product changes.
  • Keep the artwork, the places where it is used and the style guide up-to-date.

People interested in active contribution

OOo name real name active in other projects interested in
bedipp Bernhard Dippold art, marketing, (website, UX) organizing and coordinating with other projects
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