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[This page is in serious need of updating. Then again, it's been somewhat superseded by the Solutions page.]

This page will track derivatives of Feel free to add to it if you know of any, and please include URLs. A derived work listed here could be free or proprietary, and should not be limited to language or platform. It may include those works that use in part or in whole. As well, a separate section could also track distributions, e.g., by Novell or Debian or Ubuntu. We are listing these mainly to track them and not for advertising purposes. Some of the companies listed below may no longer be producing derivatives of, as the license for the source changed in 2005, with 2.0, when we dropped the SISSL and moved to using the LGPL exclusively.

Preliminary List

Product name Company Windows Mac OS X Linux Solaris License Web Site Wikipedia
ChinaOffice GoldSoft X X proprietary
Co-Create Office Co-Create X Free
EuroOffice 2005 Multiráció Kft. X X proprietary
KaiOffice KaiSource X proprietary
MagyarOffice Multiráció Kft. X X X proprietary
MultiMedia Office Platasoft X X X LGPL/proprietary
MYOffice 2007 OASYS X proprietary
NeoOffice X GPL
NextOffice Well Develop X proprietary
OfficeOne ? X proprietary
OfficeTLE ? X proprietary
OpenOfficePL OpenOffice Software X X X proprietary Ux Systems X X LGPL/proprietary
OpenOfficeT7 Top7 X ?
Oracle Open Office Oracle X X X X proprietary
OxygenOffice Professional OxygenOffice Professional X X LGPL
RedOffice Red Flag 2000 X X proprietary
SunShine Office CS2C X ?
ThizOffice ThizTech X X ?
UP Office Philippines University 1.0 2.0 ?
Workplace IBM X X proprietary
WPS Office KingSoft X proprietary
602Office Software602 ?
Jambo OpenOffice ?
RomanianOffice ?
Go-OO Novell X X LGPL
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