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"Ramdom" protocol of what has been tested


Currently we focus on "manual" testing: we create a database connection using the driver and try to cause issues in Base. Depending on the bug inflow rate we will decide on further automated tests.

Manually tested

  • [UlfW - done] All MySQL data types listed in the MySQL Reference Manual
    • test pattern: create table, add column of the type X, insert min/max/null value and check column attributes not null/default, check values in Base
      • define column type x - insert null
      • define column type x not null - insert min allowed value
      • define column type x default 0/1/"" or similar - insert max allowed value
      • define column type x default 0/1/"" or similar - don't insert any value
      • add a column of type x to the table using base
    • some issues exist when displaying meta data (see known issues page)
    • we should document the data type mappings for end users - its not always intuitive from a MySQL user perspective
  • [UlfW - in progress] Primary key and column types
    • test pattern: create table with compound primary key and a random column, the column types of the primary key vary
      • Most issues seem to have been identified by Andrey already, not worth to follow up?
  • [UlfW - in progress] Foreign Key relations
    • detection of simple FK relation works
    • delete restriction detected, little issue with error messages (see known problems)


Connector/ is a wrapper on top of the MySQL Connector/C++. About 400 API tests are run routinely on about 40 platforms to check the MySQL Connector/C++. The second alpha version of the driver does pass about 95% of the tests. Large parts of the tests are ported JDBC compliance tests.

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