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what who due status
Need an official product name and file names Marcus Beta done
Hand over builds to Release Engineering (Release CWS) Frank Beta done
Create item in OOo Extension Repository Marcus Beta in progress
Clarify the possibility of releasing the Beta in the repository
May a separate "product" is needed, differed by the name?
Marcus Beta open
QA approval for Beta Chris Beta open
Clarify need/possibility for online help
Maybe a short paragraph and a link to the respective MySQL Wiki page
Frank Beta done
Clarify open legal issues (there should be none) Marcus Beta in progress
Feature comparison JDBC/Native driver
Decide if the comparison is good enough for advertising the extension
Ulf/Frank Beta open
Text and graphic to be displayed in the OOo Extension Repository Marcus Beta in progress
Short description (1-3 lines) to be displayed in Extension Manager Marcus Beta done
Include License (LGPL v3) in extension package Frank Beta done
loading C/C on demand in C/C++ Andrey Beta open
Clarify final product name and file names Marcus Final open
Localize the text to be displayed in the OOo Extension Repository Marcus Final open
Change mysqlcppconn to contain an official release tarball, plus a patch lifting it to "our" version Frank Final open
QA approval for GA Chris Final open


  • Regarding online help: The UI for the driver is already part of OOo, it's just not enabled when the extension is not installed. Extending the pre-installed help topics with the extension is not possible, the only thing we can do is installing new help topics. This does not make sense, since the extension itself does not bring own UI which could serve as entry point into the new help topics.
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