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Ideas for testing Connector/C++ and Connector/

This is brainstorming, no more.

We have a rich set of JDBC tests but only few SDBC and dedicated Connector/C++ tests. SDBC is based on JDBC 1.0 and Connector/C++ will support even higher versions of JDBC. Thus it seems interesting to use the MySQL Connector/J (JDBC) tests - its 100k loc of unit tests.

Recall that on the long run Connector/ will be a wrapper of Connector/C++. Finding ways to test Connector/C++ means finding ways to test at least parts of Connector/

JDBC2SDBC wrapper

Ocke has developed a JDBC2SDBC wrapper.


We could run the JDBC tests using JNI and load Connector/C++ as an external library into Java.


We could use UNO to run the Java/JDBC tests against the C++ based Connector/OpenOffice.

Manual conversion of JDBC tests into C++

Given that we need to convert 100k loc, its unlikely that this can be accomplished in a timely manner in order to achieve continous integration testing.

(Semi-)Automatic conversion of JDBC tests into C++

Develop a conversion tool which handles the most basic and time consuming conversions.

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