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Mapping from SDBC(X) to the MySQL library interface

Note: There will be an additional wrapper (Connector/OOo) to provide functionality not provided by the MySQL library interface.

All interfaces listed are required core functionality. However, OOo might not use all methods of the interfaces, see [Database/Drivers/MySQL_Native/SDBC%28X%29_Interface SDBC(X) Interface].

SDBC(X) Comment MySQL Comment
XConnection Connection 5 methods missing (13.05.2008)
XDatabaseMetaData ConnectionMetaData 80% done (13.05.2008)
XDriver Driver 2 methods missing, use wrapper to provide them
XResultSet ResultSet 2 methods missing
XColumnLocate Required by ResultSet PreparedResultSet::findColumn() - ResultSet::findColumn() Use wrapper
XPropertySet Required by ResultSet Missing, use wrapper
XResultSetMetaDataSupplier Required by ResultSet, returns XResultSetMetaData, one method only ResultSetMetadata Use wrapper
XResultSetMetaData ResultSetMetadata Use wrapper
XRow Required by ResultSet
XRowUpdate Required by ResultSet
XPreparedStatement PreparedStatement 50% done (13.05.2008)
XCloseable Required by PreparedStatement - is it optional?
XPropertySet Required by PreparedStatement
XParameters Required by PreparedStatement
XWarningSupplier Required by PreparedStatement
XMultipleResults Required by PreparedStatement
XStatement Statement 100% complete

Potential problems with the library

  • Connection::prepareCall() - not supported

SDBC(X) to wrapper

SDBC(X) Comment MySQL Comment
XAlterTable 2 methods, belongs to Table
XColumnsSupplier 1 method, belongs to Table
XDataDescriptorFactory 1 method, belongs to Table
XIndexedSupplier 1 method, belongs to Table
XKeysSupplier 1 method, belongs to Table
XRename 1 method, belongs to Table
XDriver Driver 2 methods missing, use wrapper
XCreateCatalog 1 method
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