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| open
| open
| loading C/C on demand in C/C++
| [[Database/Drivers/MySQL_Native/Known_Problems#On_windows.2C_the_extension_crashs_on_some_systems|loading C/C on demand in C/C++]]
| Andrey
| Andrey
| style="background-color:#c0c0ff" | Beta
| style="background-color:#c0c0ff" | Beta
| open
| open

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Milestone Due Content Status
Alpha April 2009 preview release, containing known issues, work in progress passed, done
Beta Thursday, 28th May 2009 all known issues fixed, still the potential for unknown serious issues green
GA Thursday, 27th August 2009 production quality release green

Open Issues

what who due status
need an official product name Marcus Beta open
hand over builds to Release Engineering Frank Beta open
prepare extensions.services.openoffice.org Marcus Beta open
QA approval for Beta Chris Beta open
QA approval for GA Chris GA open
clarify need/possibility for online help Frank GA open
clarify the possibility of releasing the Beta in the extensions repository, too (may need a separate "product", differed by the name) Marcus Beta open
clarify open legal issues (there should be none) Marcus Beta open
feature comparison JDBC/Native driver Ulf/Frank GA open
loading C/C on demand in C/C++ Andrey Beta open
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