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MySQL driver for

The MySQL driver for (also called Connector/ is a "native" MySQL driver for Before the development of the Conenctor/, has used JDBC/ODBC to connect to the MySQL Server. JDBC/ODBC adds an extra level of indirection to the connection and is generally speaking more difficult to install but Connector/

Please note that this page is not part of the end-user documentation. This page is part of the project documentation and used by the development team to coordinate their work.


  • 04/2008 - Preview version released for 2.4


Development team

Primary contact person in case of questions

  • Sun:
    • Frank Schoenheit, Technical Lead Base, firstname dot lastname at sun dot com
    • Ocke Janssen, firstname dot lastname at sun dot com
  • MySQL:
    • Georg Richter, Development Manager - Connectors & Client Connectivity, firstname at mysql dot com
    • Ulf Wendel, Senior Software Engineer, uwendel at mysql dot com
    • Andrey Hristov, Software Engineer, firstname at mysql dot com
    • Lawrenty Novitsky, Software Developer, lawrin at mysql dot com

Role in the development process:

  • Development: Franke Schoenheit, Ocke Janssen, Georg Richter, Andrey Hristov
  • QA/Documentation: Lawrenty Novitsky, Ulf Wendel
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