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How to set up an Build environment for C/OOo development


For the first step use:

  • VMWare
  • Linux
  • 32bit


Check out the source required for C/OOo development

mkdir OpenOffice3
cd OpenOffice3/
cvs -d checkout -r DEV300_m10 OpenOffice3
cd config_office/

Configure OOo

Your system might not need the --with-system-freetype and with-jdk-home options. You may have to install a bunch of additional packages. For SuSE 10.3 its likely that you need to install:

  • xorg-*-devel
  • gprof
  • ant
  • Perl::Archive::Zip
  • Java 1.5 (NOT 1.6!) - but it should be installed by default
  • ccache - it helps... reserve some 3GB for it

You also nedd to download some files and put them in certain directories:

Try ./configure and install everything what's missing, if need be. Hint: leave a hint on this wiki page for others, in case anything is missing :).

./configure --disable-mediawiki --disable-build-mozilla --with-use-shell=bash --with-system-freetype --with-jdk-home=/usr   

Bootstrap and Build

cd ../
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