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Attention: This page is currently being migrated to a page called Known Problems, so for the moment, please don't add anything new here!

FIXED issues

FIXED: Existing table fields cannot be altered

The implementation simply didn't get that far (css.sdbcx.XAlterTable not implemented) ... for the final release, we expect this to be fixed.

FIXED: Specifying a different socket path is not supported (Linux)

Currently, the driver expects the socket to be /tmp/mysql.sock. This is hard-coded, and will be fixed with new UI (3.0). There are 2 workarounds:

1) Specify an IP number and a port number, like this: In this case the driver will establish a connection via TCP and not a local socket.

2) Add a link from the real socket file to /tmp/mysql.sock by running this command "ln -s /<path to file>/mysql.sock /tmp/mysql.sock". However, this will probably need to be done by the root user and depending on your computer's settings the /tmp folder may be cleared each time the machine restarts. Meaning that this must be done after each boot.

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