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MySQL Connector/ Connection URL

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This suggestion is based on the MySQL Connector/J documentation and the MySQL C-API documentation.

Basic syntax


The value of host may be either a hostname or an IP address. If host is NULL or the string "localhost", a connection to the local host is assumed. For Windows, the client connects using a shared-memory connection, if the server has shared-memory connections enabled. Otherwise, TCP/IP is used. For Unix, the client connects using a Unix socket file. For local connections, you can also influence the type of connection to use with the MYSQL_OPT_PROTOCOL or MYSQL_OPT_NAMED_PIPE options to mysql_options(). The type of connection must be supported by the server. For a host value of "." on Windows, the client connects using a named pipe, if the server has named-pipe connections enabled. If named-pipe connections are not enabled, an error occurs.

If the hostname is not specified, it defaults to

If the port is not specified, it defaults to 3306, the default port number for MySQL Servers

If the database is not specified, the connection will be made with no default database.


Property Name Definition Comments Supported in GUI
user The user to connect as >= 2.4
password The password to use when connecting >= 2.4
socket The UNIX domain socket or Windows named pipe to use when connecting If socket is not empty, the string specifies the socket or named pipe that should be used. Note that the host parameter determines the type of the connection. >= 3.0
connection_timeout >= 3.1
character_set The name of the character set to use as the default character set. >= 3.1
debug Turn on debug output >= 3.1

Support through the GUI

The GUI has been frozen for the 3.0 Release. No changes are possible.

GUI constraints/rules:

  • If the user has specified a port he cannot enter any values into the socket/named pipe input field.
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