Sun MySQL Connector/OOo: Known Problems (Beta)

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Windows: OOo will crash on systems with pre-installed libmysql.dll when installing and using the extension

The extension ships with an own version of libmysql.dll . When Windows loads the driver library ( ), it also implicitly loads the libmysql.dll , which is linked against. Unfortunately, Windows first searches in the folders specified by your PATH environment variable. If it finds a libmysql.dll in one of those folders, this one is used instead of the one from the extension - no matter whether it is really compatible.

Cannot access non-intranet servers via IP

Reportedly, the Alpha version of the driver was able to connect to a remote MySQL server in the internet, using the server's IP address. The Beta version is not able to do this anymore, while, on the very same machine, e.g. the Connector/J works fine for the very same server.

Much slower than the ODBC driver

The Connector/OOo is way slower (when fetching all records, i.e. by traveling to the last record in the table data view) than the ODBC driver. This issue was revealed after the release of the Beta version, and will be fixed in the GA release.

Standard Filter dialog fails to set a column filter

Using the "Standard Filter" dialog in either the table data view or a form fails to properly set the filter, instead you get an error message talking about a non-existent column "database.table.column". The bad news is: That's a bug in OOo itself, which is only triggered by the way how the driver (legitimately) exposes its database/tables, so, it cannot be fixed in the driver, but in OOo only.

Port setting is ignored

When you enter a port other than the default 3306, then this is ignored. Effectively, this means you cannot connect to a MySQL database using a non-standard port. Will be fixed in the final release.

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