Sun MySQL Connector/OOo: Known Problems (Beta)

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Windows: OOo will crash on systems with pre-installed libmysql.dll when installing and using the extension

The extension ships with an own version of libmysql.dll . When Windows loads the driver library ( ), it also implicitly loads the libmysql.dll , which is linked against. Unfortunately, Windows first searches in the folders specified by your PATH environment variable. If it finds a libmysql.dll in one of those folders, this one is used instead of the one from the extension - no matter whether it is really compatible.

Cannot access non-intranet servers via IP

Reportedly, the Alpha version of the driver was able to connect to a remote MySQL server in the internet, using the server's IP address. The Beta version is not able to do this anymore, while, on the very same machine, e.g. the Connector/J works fine for the very same server.

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