Sun MySQL Connector/OOo: Known Problems (Beta)

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Windows: OOo will crash on systems with pre-installed libmysql.dll when installing and using the extension

The extension ships with an own version of libmysql.dll . When Windows loads the driver library ( ), it also implicitly loads the libmysql.dll , which is linked against. Unfortunately, Windows first searches in the folders specified by your PATH environment variable. If it finds a libmysql.dll in one of those folders, this one is used instead of the one from the extension - no matter whether it is really compatible.

Linux: Cannot install without

The Connector/C version used for building C/C++ (and shipped with the extension) has a run-time dependency to (which is somewhat weird for a by-definition C component). Unfortunately, OOo itself ships with only and the extension does not ship any library version. That means on systems where version 5 is not present you have to install it manually.

Search for the library:

The command ls -l /usr/lib should list the following:

 /usr/lib/ ->

Or search for it with:


If it is found somewhere else, you need to link it to the correct directory:

 ln -s (path+filename where it was found) /usr/lib/

Install the library if not found:

If it is not listed you can install the library with the following command (depending on your system):

Fedora openSUSE Mandriva/Connectiva Gentoo Debian/Ubuntu
sudo yum install compat-libstdc++-33 sudo apt-get install compat-libstdc++-33 sudo urpmi libstdc++5 emerge libstdc++ sudo apt-get install libstdc++5

For other Linux distributions please have a look onto your installation CD/DVD for a similar name of the package. You can also search in the Web (Examples: RPMFind or RPMSeek) where to get and how to install it.

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