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On windows, the extension crashs on some systems

On some Windows systems, if you install and use the extension, it will crash OOo.

Reason: The extension ships an own version of libmysql.dll. When Windows loads the driver library (, it also implicitly loads the libmysql.dll, which is linked against. Unfortunately, Windows first searches in the folders specified by your PATH environment variable. If it finds a libmysql.dll in one of those folders, this one is used - no matter whether it is really compatible.

Linux version does not install on systems without

The Connector/C version used for building C/C++ (and shipped with the extension) has a runtime dependency to (which is somewhat weird for a by-definition C component). Unfortunately, OOo itself ships with only, and the extension doesn't ship any libstdc++ version, so on systems where version 5 is not present, the extension cannot be installed.

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